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We offer customised programmes for all aspects of management including leadership, team building, personal development and presentation skills.


Our experts will collaborate with you to drive business improvement and secure sustainable strategic change.


radius 360 is one of the UK's largest distributors for Insights Discovery, in which the complexities of behaviour and personality are easily understood. We also offer a variety of 360 assessments, including Leadership, Appraisal and Emotional Intelligance.


Our coaches inspire and challenge people to build inner confidence, accelerate learning and maximise their own performance. Coaching works particularly well with online delivery.
radius 360

pep talks

a talk intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic

Davina R. from Bristol recently got in touch as she was keen to grow her freelance career. Her timing was impeccable as we'd just concluded the design of our exciting new pep talks programme.

"Following an initial 'phone conversation," she tells us, "I completed a straightforward Insights Discovery profile. Adrian was then able to talk me through the results in a clear and encouraging way. His knowledge and expertise have since provided me with the confidence to improve in areas where I am weaker, and he has also helped me focus on how I can move my career forward. Adrian's experience and ability to focus on a person's specific needs, whether they are freelance or part of a team, is impressive!"

pep talks is a light touch, accessible burst of self-development that provides quick wins and stimulates long-term outcomes, helping you close the gap between the current version of you and the potential you.

Here’s what we do:

Insights Discovery Personal Profiles
Introductory workshops
Insights accreditation
Sales training with Insights
ILM Levels 2-7, direct claim status
Qualifications in leadership and team skills
Qualifications in leadership and management
Qualifications in coaching
Qualifications in mentoring
Team Building
Multi-activity days for groups of any size
Team effectiveness - boosting group performance
Overcoming the Five Team Dysfunctions
Discovering leadership effectiveness
Emotional intelligence
Situational leadership
Leading change and innovation
Presentation skills
Train the trainer
Presenting virtually
Advanced presentation skills
Personal Development
Personal effectiveness training
Pep talks
Coaching and mentoring
Trilogy - transforming the second part of your work life
360 Online Assessments
Emotional intelligence
Leadership audit
Employee engagement
Performance appraisal
Bespoke - assessments designed around your needs