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ILM is at the leading edge of  leadership and management thinking. Through their research programmes they investigate and analyse new ideas, emerging trends and best practice. 

radius has been an approved centre since 2004, now delivering qualification programmes in levels 2, 3, 5 and 7. 

This short video showcases the benefits of introducing ILM training into your organisation: 


One of our first - and best - strategic decisions was to form a partnership with Insights Learning and Development, now the global leader in personality profiling.

With Insightful Profiling you can ensure individuals and teams achieve consistently high performance by revitalising your relationships with customers, suppliers and each other. Together we can help people achieve more; improving team-working across functions (and geographies), by helping your teams to value diversity and strengthen their relationships.

Insights Discovery® profiling can help with recruitment, team building, management, sales, personal and professional development. Our good friend John Smith has kindly allowed his profile to be used as an example. Click here for a .pdf copy (2.5mb) of his Insights Discovery® Personal Profile.

This one-minute video is a taster of what Insights profiling can do for you::

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