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A brief look at the background of radius 360

radius 360 was established in 1998 by a group of people who already had, collectively, many years’ experience in learning and development. We all arrived in the training world from senior levels and from a variety of business sectors. Using this experience - and a hard-earned set of facilitation skills - we’ve gone on to coach and train the widest range of people in the workplace, from new recruits to chief executives.

We have improved performance within many companies, from owner-managed micro businesses to multi-national organisations. During this time we’ve profiled over 15,000 people, helping each person to fully understand their own behavioural preferences and how to build effective relationships.

In 2004 we became an approved ILM Centre and, amongst other qualifications, have guided hundreds of managers to the achievement of internationally recognised qualifications. Since 2005 we have also delivered leadership and management programmes on behalf of IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management - formerly BIFM), enabling many more to become qualified managers.

We aim always to be honest, professional, encouraging and always help you be the best you can be. We aim never to be negative or avoid a responsibility and never to indulge in jargon.

Our values

We never lose sight of all the good stuff that we know works from our years of collective experience and which has been passed on to us by old friends

We never use management speak as window dressing in order to make inconsequential things sound more valuable than they really are

We trouble to understand the effects we have on people and the environment to ensure we make better choices which, as far as possible, serve everybody equally well

We are persuaded that this isn’t a rehearsal and that the secret o’ life is enjoying the passage of time* - to this end we are unashamed advocates of the pursuit of happiness and make an unapologetic toast to this simple truth

We recognise that how we do things is just ‘our way’ and whilst we celebrate ‘our way,’ it must never be thought of as being superior to anybody else’s ‘way’

* James Taylor 1977 ‘The Secret O’ Life’ from the album JT - Columbia Records

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