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Teamwork Challenge a success

by Bryan Shaw

We had a great afternoon with eighteen managers from Daniel Robinson & Sons recently. The venue was the Nucleus at Chesterford Research Park in Cambridgeshire, new to us but a great location for both indoor and outdoor activities.

After a morning of technical industry training, it was our turn to engage the assembled gathering with fun and enlightening team challenges. We had walking the plank, blind sheep, a quiz, decanting radioactive liquid and egg flinging.

From the reports we heard at the end of the afternoon, telling us of the most notable lessons learnt, it was clear that the group had enjoyed the opportunity to work together, something they don’t often get a chance to do. That’s on top of the reminders of just how important things like communication, teamwork, trust and open-mindedness are to an effective business. It was a great opportunity for them to get to see some of the skills and talent within the group, which they don’t normally encounter.

Our thanks to each and every one of them for throwing themselves into the event wholeheartedly. And our thanks also to May from the Nucleus, who looked after us so readily.

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Teamwork Challenge a success


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Andrew Thorpe:

Great to hear that Radius had a great time at Nucleus at Chesterford Research Park in Cambridgeshire.

Posted on: 30 Sep 2016 13:10:03

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