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Personal Development - what's in a name?

We’ve been debating what to call our currently named Personal Development Programme. Whilst it is very definitely aimed at developing people from a personal standpoint - confidence, interpersonal and communication skills - our customers are generally businesses and we worry that the ‘personal’ bit may put them off. It shouldn’t of course, the benefits to business are considerable.

What business wouldn’t want a bunch of people with critical self-awareness and self-confidence, who develop effective relationships - internally and externally - with ease, and who have great communication skills?

A recent graduate very thoughtfully emailed us with these conclusions: “Now I am receiving more recognition for my contributions I feel more motivated at work and am putting forward more ideas and solutions, which has led to a reduction in stress. I am calmer when having to present my points or challenge something in a meeting, which has led to my ideas being viewed more seriously, and I feel that this has helped me raise my profile. This sense of calm has also been helpful when dealing with more personal issues and I am definitely more comfortable with confrontation.”

We’re still not sure what to call it, but feedback like this reminds us how valuable it is - both personally and professionally - and why we continue to deliver ‘personal’ development training.

A few opportunities remain on our next programme starting 10th May, though we’re unlikely to change the name between now and then.


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Personal Development - what's in a name?
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